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Colindale gardens, Rowan Drive, London NW9


Client: – Oliver Connell & Sons Ltd                                      Application: – Attenuation

Location: – Colindale NW9                                             System: – Aco StormBrixx SD

Job Type: – Housing                                                          Date: – June 2018

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We were approached by our client Oliver Connell regarding the supply & installation of an attenuation tank on their site in Colindale. They needed help with the original layout of the tank which had been designed to go in between concrete pads. We looked at the design & noticed we could make the tank longer & thinner. This made the installation more straight forward & made the excavation a lot simpler for the customer.

Using the Aco StormBrixx SD crate system we were able to provide the full capacity of 136.20m3 within the tank also incorporated 3 x access point in the tank which will aid future inspection & maintenance. Working closely with the site team at Oliver Connells & Sons Ltd we managed to get this tank installed in 1 day, which in turn meant they could backfill the tank so it wasn’t left open for any extended period.



Maidstone Rd, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK10

Client: – Smith Construction Ltd                                  Application: – Attenuation

Location: – Milton Keynes                              System: – Polystorm PSM1a & PSM4

Job Type: – Commercial Warehouse                           Date: – December 2017

We were approached by our client Smith Construction in regard to supplying & installing a fully welded attenuation tank. Part of the design scope was having future access to the attenuation system once it was installed. With this in mind we chose the Polystorm system from Polypipe.

We incorporated within the 307.20m3 tank a run of PSM4 Inspect units which will provide full access to the system to facilitate inspection & maintenance once the site is operational.

Testimonial John Banks Commercial Director “Quality professional service thought-out, works carried out in a timely manner to the highest standard. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services, we look forward to working with SP Water Management Ltd again.”

River Gardens, Greenwich, London SE10

Client: – G.E.A.R.S Ltd                                                  Application: – Attenuation

Location: – Greenwich SE10                                  System: – Permavoid

Job Type: – Housing                                          Date: – May 2018

We were asked by our client Groundsure Enabling & Remediation Services ltd to work with them on a project in Greenwich which involved the supply & installation of a “Blue roof system” utilizing the Permavoid Geocellular system.

The design of the system meant we needed to incorporate within the tank specialist access chambers to suit the Permavoid. The design included within the tank 6 x Light columns which would run though the tank & bolt on to the concrete slab under the tank, which were not incorporated within the original design , although this could of cause a few issues in regards making sure the system was still water-tight we over came this & the layout of the tank using the many years of experience our installation teams have.



Riverwalk School,Bury St Edmunds IP33


Client: – Longreach Construction Ltd                        Application: – Soakaway

Location: – Bury St Edmunds                   System: – Polystorm PSM1a & PSM4

Job Type: – Education                                Date: – December 2017

We were approached by our client Longreach Construction with a view to the supply & installation of a large soakaway for their project.

With the tank capacity being 735m3 we advised the customer it would be prudent to have some form of access for future maintenance, so we provided 2 x rows of PSM4 inspect crates that run the length of the tank.

The Geotextile infiltration fleece used was Inbitex by Terram, not only offering filtration needed for the water to soakaway, but an added benefit inbitex encourages the growth of a microbic biofil habitat. These mircobes biodegrade any organic matter found in the surface-water run off clearing the water before it is soaked away into the ground.

No1 Millbrook, Millbrook park, Mill Hill NW7

Client: – Getjar Ltd                                                          Application: – Attenuation

Location: – Mill Hill NW7                                                     System: – Stormcrate®

Job Type: – Housing                                                                    Date: – August 2018

We were approached by Getjar Ltd with a view to supplying & installing 5 x fully sealed attenuation tanks, these have been designed to be connected in line with each other. The benefit of installing these with a slight fall towards the outfall manhole means these can be maintained from one end which reduces the need for multiple chambers, thus reducing the chance of blockages & helping with future maintenance.

The crate system specified was Brett Martin Stormcrate®.

The relationship we have with Brett Martin was crucial to getting this job completed. The site restrictions meant delivery of the Stormcrate® modules needed to be staggered & sometimes changed at short notice, Brett Martin were very reactive & helpful with understanding the need to accommodate the changes. The Stormcrate® planned dimensions means these can be installed  quickly without fuss.



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